about me

i looove to travel (who doesn’t?!). travel never fails to inspire me. it keeps me sane and alive in this world of madness and dilemmas. i waste no time in exploring a new place, embracing a different culture, soaking in the local scenes… i always seem to have extra energy whenever i’m discovering new places, meeting interesting people, trekking through wilderness, cycling thru villages, walking through cities… i can wander and wander for miles. simply wanderful.

yet i’m a girl of contradictions. i love adventures. but my heart cringes with fear and anxiety whenever i’m in one. oh my buddha, please give me more guts for my adventurous spirit and never. ever. let it die. for, what’s life without adventures? and what’s me without inspirations?

so, keep wandering. keep exploring. it’s a BIG, BIG world out there…



  1. Lisa Campbell · · Reply

    Amazing! (but very scary!)

    1. hey lisa! the australian outback is really amazing… an unforgettable experience.

  2. Hey! I have nominated this blog for the ‘Liebster Award’ for bloggers. But you need to also further nominate your favorite blogs. Read about rules here:

    Congratulations! :D

  3. That is such a great shot…I really need to head down to Australia and check out the Outback.

    1. hey. you totally should! camping in the outback is one of my favourite adventures! losing count of shooting stars while falling asleep is magical… love to see your shots there someday. :)

      1. There are two companies in Australia (Perth and Melbourne) I am trying to work with ~ so with a little luck I can make it happen later this year :-) Would love to shoot Down Under.

      2. awesome, good luck! :)

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