happily lost in valparaiso

i have no plan, no agenda, no idea what to see there, no idea how to get there. i just know valparaiso is a colourful city by the port, over an hour away from santiago. so, a subway, a bus, few walking detours, many direction pointing and an empanada later… i finally reached ascensor concepcion, the place the tourist info lady at the bus terminal circled on the map for me. it is a very basic funicular that holds about 6 people and brings you up the slope to the top of the hill.

the moment i stepped out of the little wooden box, it was a completely different world from the hustle and bustle of the port city down under, with quaint, colourful houses dotted all over. there were many times i thought to myself: that alley looks interesting. i shall check out the end of this lane first before walking back to that. i never did. i got distracted at every turn, be it a cute little cafe or an old, abandon building. i chanced upon many interesting sights and met an argentinian lady whose son is currently visiting singapore (my home!). she even showed me his photo at gardens by the bay! the joy of getting lost… is the surprises along the way.

travel tip: just wander and get lost (except when you are trying to find ascensor concepcion! even some locals have no idea. just keep asking…). once on top, as long as you are heading downhill, you know you are on the right track!

valparaiso. chile ♥ 27 jun 2015


stairs or ascensor?

stairs or ascensor?

why cant we paint all our houses in colours and live happily ever after?

decaying beauty.

one of the many lovely patios

chanced upon a quaint little cafe

chanced upon a quaint little cafe.

looks like they are having a tea party too.

happy stairs.

happy house.


i love hot air balloons.

just because i like the colour.

one of the alleys i had wanted to explore but got distracted… :(

down under.

colonial architecture

colonial architecture

just imagine latin music playing at the background…

always love a skinny building.

feels like a busy port in the sixties. still is.



  1. Beautiful pictures!!! I love to be lost with no plans as well! Maybe one day we can meet up!!

  2. Beautiful photos and words. I feel exactly the same about Valparaiso and its definitely one of my favourite cities :)

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