in love with eiffel

it’s hard not to fall in love with a city like paris. as cliché as it sounds, you can almost feel the romance in the air. maybe it’s the french architecture, maybe it’s the cafes with seats facing the streets, the trees that lined up in the lovely jardins, the hommes who dress well, the femmes who look effortlessly beautiful, the air, the accent…? i think the eiffel tower has something to do with it. and maybe the croissants too. paris is simply captivating.

i was here 12 year ago, with a tour. this time round, i wanted to just take my time to wander the city and soak it all in. i didn’t have a schedule. i just wandered. i was supposed to meet someone for dinner but she didn’t show up at the station. then i saw a sign that says eiffel tower →. so i walked into a carrefour nearby, got myself a sandwich + tiramisu and headed to eiffel. i sat on the field with my dinner and witnessed one of the most spectacular light-up of eiffel. i think that was love…

the next day, i was strolling along the seine river. it was a beautiful day with blue sky and puffy clouds. so i thought to myself, maybe i should see eiffel again. despite my exhausted wandering legs, i bought the tickets to climb to the second floor as the queue was shorter. made 2 dutch friends while climbing up the stairs and they convinced me to buy the lift ticket to go all the way to the top (yes there is a ticket machine at second floor with no queue!). IT was one of the most amazing city views i’ve seen. we were rewarded by a mesmerizing sunset with pink sky, casting a sea of gold onto the buildings beneath us. simply breath-taking… then one of the dutch boys turned and said to the other “will you marry me?”. we all burst up laughing. what a moment! this spontaneous trip to eiffel turned out to be a fun and magical one… danke for making it special, you two!

spontaneity is truly the spice of life. so, never stop wandering. you might just be pleasantly surprised…

tours. paris. france ♥ 22 august – 1 september 2014


IMG_8527 IMG_8523

eiffel, you make my heart sparkle.

eiffel, you make my heart sparkle.

eiffel shadow photo bomb

eiffel shadow photo bomb

sun-kissed paris




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