quand on n’a que l’amour

when we only have love… this is the french song sang beautifully by a friend of the wedding couple, serenading everyone in the cathedral. a union in the land of l’amour, set in the backdrop of an old town hall, a lovely cathedral and le charming château, just like a fairy tale… except this is real. i’m glad to be part of this special occasion, to see my dear friend getting married to a wonderful guy (no, i’m not mocking! ;)), to feel the love of friendship, to experience paris again, in a very special way… merci beaucoup pour l’amour, caroline & francois! as the song goes “having nothing but the strength to love, we will have in our hands, my friend, the whole world…”  oh feeling so sentimental… must be le air in paris!

tours. paris. france ♥ 22 august – 1 september 2014


official ceremony at the town hall in tours – hôtel de ville de tours

entering the hall of marriage

shine like a chandelier

it’s official! :)

my first photo with the happy bride

next: cathedral ceremony

pretty little cathedral

groom and his mum


throwing lavender at the couple as they walked out. nice (smelling) idea!

and the fairy tale begins… at château de la bourdaisière!

beautiful weather for the cocktail party in front of the château

and the groom sang for the love of his life…

the dinner setting

with a personal touch…

the next day… brunch with peeps from singapore!

wandering around the château in search of pretty sights

what’s a château without a pretty jardin (garden)…

and i found cute little louis! we hang out till his parents packed up all the wedding stuff. our language of communication? mandarin! 太棒了!

squashed at the back of the car, filled with flowers, baskets, boxes, food, trolley and little louis. finally, we are on our way home… it’s a wrap!




  1. Hello you!
    So nice! I love your blog….and you are so good at pictures (which I had already noticed).
    I’ll what’s app you soon :-)

  2. probably the most beautiful blog ever (without any exaggeration)
    I attended the wedding too and I can confirm, the pics reflect perfectly the atmosphere of that days
    you are an artist !:)

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