das lovely casamento

blue skies, pretty clouds. soft sand. clear waters… bride arriving at the beach in a horse carriage. vows made against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. accompanied by the gentle sound of waves… a lovely setting for a beautiful couple.

dinner was served at the garden by the beach house. lines of bulbs lit up the simple set-up. everyone was happily enjoying the brasilian grilled meats only to be told that they were just the appetizers! dinner later was more meat (!) and salad and sweets and caipirinha…! heartfelt speech was first made by das groom. the union of a german and a brasilian meant a lot of translations! from english to german to portugese, in varying order. from the direct, reserved expressions of the germans to the passionate emotions by the brasilians… meals can be quite a chaotic yet entertaining affair with the brasilians all talking at the same time while the rest of us try to decipher if they are having an argument or a passionate conversation or just simply “pass me that dish please”.

brasilian mama and her friends hand-arranged the flowers in pots to decorate the place. they spent hours making the door gifts from seashells. mama cooked some amazing brasilian food during our stay at the beach house. everything was made with love. never have i seen a groom carry the sound system and fix it up himself on the wedding day, drenched in sweat but with a smile on his face when music from his ipod finally filled the place. thank god the playlist was vetted by the bride. if not, we would have been listening to ac/dc! but that’s how a wedding should be. families and close friends come together to help out and celebrate the special day together. it means so much more to spend quality time with your loved ones on your wedding day.

thanks mike, analu and their lovely families for the wonderful experience and hospitality. i’m glad to be part of this special occasion and share the joy with a brunch of good friends i miss from home. wish you both an amazing life together. it’s just the beginning of a beautiful journey…

praia do carneiros. brasil ♥ 27 – 29 december 2013




  1. What a fantastic series of shots…diverse and such a beautiful place.

    1. thanks, dalo! brasil is indeed a diverse and colourful place. i’d love to return and explore again!

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