i knew i love you before i met you

When I first saw you, my heart fluttered. It was love at first sight. Your SUNNY disposition (or at least when I was around) simply brightened my day. I just wanna run to you and embrace you with all my might. I took so many pictures of your GOLDEN smile that I amused myself. Somehow I never got tired of it. The bicycle ride to SAUSALITO was one of the highlights for me. So many sights to see. So many stops to stop! It is indeed the journey, not the destination that matters.

I could just spend my day sitting on the bench along FERRY BUILDING overlooking the bay and enjoy my cuppa BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE with you. Best coffee ever. Strolling through the Saturday FARMERS MARKET (not Sunday!) and stuffing ourselves silly with the sweetest strawberries, the freshest bread, the cheesiest cheese (?) and that delightful gelato. Ahhh… I miss you already!

You charmed me with your quirkiness and artsy side. Love your house in HAIGHT ASHBURY and how you guys take halloween so seriously! Brilliant. What a hippie neighborhood you live in. The dingy PORK STORE CAFE there served some amazing food (in massive portion too!). Not a place for dates (we smell of pork after) but I always like great local finds. Dinner later at CUPOLA in the city was O.M.G. – probably the best pasta I’ve ever eaten. The thin crust pizza next table looked so tempting too!

You told me about your dark past at ALCATRAZ. It was horrible. But that’s what made you who you are. Life is full of UPS & DOWNS. And you sure have a lot! But I still love you. I love running and walking all over you. I love your happy friends at CASTRO too. They are nice and friendly. And some cute ones, i must say. Funny they adore rainbows. I see them everywhere.

I wish we had more time together. I hope I will see you again very soon. I’m not too good with words so I’ll let the photos do the talking. Ai-shite-iru, Francisco San.

Love, me.

san francisco. usa ♥ 12 – 19 october 2011




  1. jennifer · · Reply

    you’re a good writer, i was so touched by your words. nice photos too.

    1. thank you mei! catch up soon. :)

  2. This was cute. Thanks for the writing.

    1. thanks for reading! :)

  3. […] a enjoyable place to explore by foot. i have to say tho, san fran is still my first love – i knew i love you before i met you. and portland, my home for now, is growing special in my heart. of course, i was only in seattle […]

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